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In September 2001 my husband and I decided to start a online business which caters to the unique community of quilters and fabricholics. Since I am one myself this seemed to be a wonderful opportunity to feed my own obsessions. Our timing was something our declining economy decided for us because both myself and my husband had recently been laid off.

The name for our business came from my mother who has six house cats. All of whom are over weight, over pampered, and over spoiled if there is such a thing. This little business was intended to be part time but quickly blossomed into a full time job. As our business grew so did our love for it and for all the wonderful people we had the opportunity to meet world wide. It truly is our customers who make the business worth doing. I so enjoy your emails and pictures. Quilters are not only wonderfully unique but are generous and kind individuals. Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to laugh with you, cry and share in your lives and you in mine. For this I feel very fortunate and very blessed.

God Bless You!


Here is a picture of our son "Dino" at Christmas 2003.

He is 9 months old in this photo.


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